Pingear Server Monitor

Are your hosts reachable and services accessible? Use Pingear Server Monitor to be sure. Pingear Server Monitor is a powerful and advanced monitoring tool for servers based on ICMP echo requests (pings) or TCP/IP connections.

Here are some key features of Pingear Server Monitor:

  • Constant monitoring of server availability or service accessibility
  • Supports Windows Service mode
  • Provides per-host statistics
  • Automatically saves tracert result if a host goes down
  • Displays daily statistics by filter (all seconds, timeout, by range)
  • Saves daily reports (at 00:00)
  • Sends e-mail notifications, plays sound, shows pop-up messages

Daily logs are saved at 00:00. Folder name like 2009_03_27 means that the logs are for 27th of March.

Pingear Server Monitor

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